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Leonardo C

The best customer service I have ever had.

David S.

We searched all over the Internet but my wife kept coming back to the Doklite.

Danielle L

"Dock Life's employees and products are great!  We have been looking for lights for our dock and they are absolutely beautiful.  They are just the right lighting!"

Bill J.

Those lights kick ASS!  My neighbors are checking them out.

Lori W. Marina Manager

"The Doklites are bright, easy to install, and our Marina loves them!"

Cap't Jim

" The most innovative product for waterfront living I have seen in 30 years."

Karen R.

"These are awesome anyone with a dock or drive way that needs solar light this is awesome."

Shawn C.

" I wish I had more pilings for more DokLites."

"Doklite" The Original Solar Piling Cap

  • Doklite is the world’s most functional solar dock light available, patented technology that brings a new era in lighting for Decks, Docks and Waterway obstructions. Using mil-spec micro-processor circuitry, The Doklite performs the task of conventional pier caps as a bird and rain guard, with the benefit of high powered LED lighting. Doklite is Solar Powered, so it’s maintenance free and easy to install, eliminating the concern of electrical wiring near the water. Designed and manufactured in America, the Doklite is one of the most rugged solar dock lights available. Built to withstand the harsh environment of fresh and saltwater coastlines, all in a attractive, durable housing made from diffused Polycarbonate that is both impact and U.V. resistant. Doklite provides over 200 Lumens of comfortable down light in white or blue light, with 9 of the most durable LED’s available. A sealed Lithium polymer battery, flash and on modes, automatic sunset on, sunrise off, The Doklite will enhance your investment with a uncompromised level of safety and security. Doklite… Brightening skies and saving lives. Doklite dock piling caps, the leader in solar powered outdoor lights and more.


Doklite Instructions (pdf)


Doklite Sizes Explained (pdf)


Dock Life Warranty (pdf)


Doklite FAQ

  •  Is the Doklite waterproof?
  • The Doklite has an IP65 rating making it water resistant. Doklites were tested during Hurricane Irma in real world environments with 100% success rate.                         
  • How long will it stay lit? 
  • The Doklite has exceeded 24 hrs. of lighted time with a fully charged battery under testing conditions.          
  • How long does the battery last? 
  • The Doklite utilizes the best available technology in our batteries. Polymer Lithium batteries of this type have exceeded a 7 year life span.
  • Is there maintenance on the Doklite? 
  • No maintenance required other than keeping the housing clean.
  • Can you replace the battery? 
  • Yes
  • Will my Doklite turn off and on with the sun?
  • Yes, the Doklite contains a powerfull photo-sensor and will control your Doklite once installed.

Doklite Specifications

  • Operation; · 
  • Colors; Blue and White
  • Illumination; 22 Hrs. on Full Charge · 
  • On-Off; Automatic with sunrise/ sunset · 
  • Visibility; 2 Nautical miles on Flash mode · 
  • Field of View; 360 degrees · 
  • Rating; IP65   
  • Housing; · 
  • Material; Impact and U.V. Resistant Polycarbonate blend · 
  • Clarity; Water clear, diffused · 
  • Life expectancy; 10 yrs.   
  • Performance; · 
  • Output; 200 Lumens · 
  • Modes; On, Off, Flash · 
  • Led life rating; 10 yrs. · 
  • Battery; Sealed Lithium Polymer, (replaceable) · 
  • Protection; IC controlled with overcharge, undercharge and output control.
  • All installation hardware included

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